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Highlights of Accomplishments

Though we have changed our name, many of our members have been active for
over 45 years producing, promoting and supporting the arts in the Fenton community.

2022 So Far

  • At 2 city events we gave away 200 FREE art boxes

  • At the July 4th Freedom Festival, we provided 300 cardboard stars that visitors painted and placed on top of a long cardboard wall of stripes, creating a "Stars & Stripes" sculpture.
     "Through the Lens" photo contest and exhibit.

  • Jinglefest with FREE art boxes given to attendee


  • With the pandemic still preventing us from hosting large gatherings, we continued to bring art to the community by providing 5 sets of FREE Art Boxes. Each set contained materials and instructions to complete an art project such as clay, painting on tiny canvasses, collage and more. The boxes were given to children and families during distanced events produced by others. 600 boxes were given throughout the year.

  • Member Show

  • Photo contest and exhibit

2020 - Covid year

  • Though we could not hold our series of AATH events, due to covid, we pivoted the presentation and switched to Pop-Ups. Each Pop-Up station, which were spread around downtown Fenton, posted an "Art Challenge" such as: Do a Silly Walk, Paint a Rock

and place somewhere for someone else to find, Sing a Song, Chalk the Walk. There were 7 Pop-Ups, with required materials
participants could take home and use. All were asked to email videos or pics of their participation to us, so we could share with
the community on our website & facebook page.
 "Member Show". This was the first FAC event during the beginning of pandemic masking and quarantine. We filmed the exhibit
and published it in several places to be seen by all. Additionally, we published digital slideshows of two children and student
artwork. Lastly, we published video interviews of artists in the member show.
 "Fenton Fusion" exhibit. Members painted an image to express fusions in Fenton on canvases (with frames) donated by a


  • Cardboard Challenge!

  • 3 AATH events

  • Commissioned 2 professional marketing videos


  • Held a small Plein Air event

  • Contracted Kevin Burdick to paint the large mural on the outside wall of El Topo restaurant

  • Brought the DIA's "Inside | Out" exhibit to Fenton

  • Managed the artist aspect of Fenton's ArtWalk

  • Exhibit at "The Laundry's" NanoFest

 Moved our AATH location to school grounds
 Began 32 Drums project. Drum blanks were embellished by community members, using paint, collage and mosaic, then were
given to 6 local elementary schools.
 Four “Arts Are The Heart” Free Family Fun Art Events in 2018; coordinating with community groups:
 Four “Arts Are The Heart” Free Family Fun Art Events in 2017; coordinating with community groups:

  • Kidz Theater Kompany, Fenton Village Players, Fenton Orchestra, Prelude Strings Orchestra, Visions in Motion Dance Studio,
    Drumming Circle, University of Michigan Early Childhood and Fenton World of Wonder
     Painted Butterfly Project of 2017. Twelve fiberglass butterflies were commissioned & displayed throughout the city
     “Community Artzy Project 2017”, a summer-long sculpture build project, with over 125 community participants to create a metal
    butterfly sculpture
     Managed the entire artist portion of the 2017 Fenton ArtWalk
     Provided financial support for technology integrated arts camp with community youth Prelude Strings Orchestra
     Three “Arts Are The Heart” Free Family Fun Art Events in 2016
     Managed the entire 2016 Fenton ArtWalk for the City of Fenton and DDA
     Community Art Exhibits and “Artzy” Competitions during Fenton ArtWalk 2016, 2015, 2014
     Fine Art Exhibit coordinated with the Fenton Community Orchestra’s 2016 performance of “The Birds”, original score
     Assisted in choosing the sculpture rentals for the City of Fenton for several years
     Continue to host weekly Open Artist Studio every Wednesday at the Fenton Community & Cultural Center
     Ongoing coordination of many free Art Exhibits working with local Merchants
     Organized fourteen fine art workshops taught by nationally and internationally renowned art teachers
     Established the “Art in the Schools Program”. Twenty-four museum-quality framed prints of art, put in seven local school
    districts and libraries. The paintings were rotated among the buildings for twelve years and then gifted to the community.
     Created and produced the public art mural “Song of the Shiawassee”. Nineteen local artists painted the piece. It was then
    gifted to the Fenton Community & Cultural Center for permanent placement.
     Three Fenton Arts Council board members were invited to join, and accepted a seat on the Fenton Arts Commission, when it
    was established.
     Previous to the addition to the Fenton Community and Cultural Center, three Fenton Arts Council board members served on the
    committee to establish Art & Culture Guidelines for the FCCC.
     Raised over $10,000 in sale of engraved bricks for addition to the FCCC building
     Auctioned a member-created original painting for $2,000 for addition to the FCCC building
     Several artists painted tables that were gifted for a silent auction for addition to the FCCC building

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