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21 Facts About Claude Monet

Updated: Sep 24, 2019


1. Disillusioned with the Académie and the salon system, Monet and others founded the Impressionist movement…

In 1862, Monet entered the studio of the Swiss painter Charles Gleyre. Alongside like-minded artists Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Fréderic Bazille and Alfred Sisley, he began to refine his visual language and technique. In 1874, Monet and others whose works were often rejected at the conservative Salon de Paris (including Renoir, Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas, Paul Cézanne and Camille Pissarro) formed the Anonymous Society of Painters, Sculptors, and Engravers and organized an independent exhibition. It would later became known as The First Impressionist Exhibition.


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