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Try the Pop-Up Post Art Challenges!

"Arts Are The Heart" has been redesigned for this pandemic era with Pop-Up Posts placed throughout downtown Fenton! Each one has an Art Challenge for you to do. Your family can safely check out the Art Challenges without being in a crowd of people. Each post describes the challenge and has a link to examples and more information.

To share with the "Arts Are The Heart" community, please post a picture of your Art Challenge art or short video of your Art Challenge performance art to Facebook with the tag: #PopUpPostFenton

There are 7 Pop-Up Posts available now - visit them all!

#1 - at Uncle Ray's Dairyland

#2 - at the World of Wonder, Fenton Area Public Schools, Ellen St. Campus, main entrance

#3 - behind the Fenton Fire Hall Restaurant, along the river

#4 - at the Fenton gazebo

#5 - next to the flagpole, in Rackham Park, between the river and Fenton Community & Cultural Center

#6 - at Lockwood of Fenton

#7 - by the wooden bridge, in Rackham Park, behind the Fenton Community & Cultural Center


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