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Arts Are The Heart July Exhibition Updates

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

GOOD NEWS To All Genesee County Artists!

The Fenton Arts Council is providing an opportunity to showcase local artists' work at Cause and Affect Gallery in July. ALL FEES ARE WAIVED, and you will become a member of the Fenton Arts Council for participating in the event. This outreach is to help support artists during this difficult time when many summer events are canceling.

Application Deadline: June 8th, 2020

Application by Mail must be postmarked by June 6th, 2020

This is a juried exhibit.

Public Attendance

Public attendance and social distancing requirements are unknown currently, however creative minds are forging forward to work out details for our changing times. Our plan is to follow state guidelines at the time of the event.

The Fenton Arts Council is an all-volunteer organization based in Fenton. This event is part of the annual Arts Are The Heart series sponsored in cooperation with the Greater Flint Arts Council Share Art Genesee Grant Program, made possible by the Genesee County Arts education and cultural enrichment millage funds. Your tax dollars are at work!

Arts Are The Heart

Support. Create. Engage.

Questions? Contact:

Cause and Affect Gallery, 810.354.8214

Fenton Arts Council, 810.354.5659


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