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Barbara Lund


river king

i wrap my hair up beyond my nape

hoping to mimic an elegant crane




peeking into algae-bowls beyond

i suspect i look more absurd, like a fool struck owl

piercing eyes, lashing neck


what i cannot fathom is how your birdheart


chose mine


you share your catches with me, scales & all.


                                         i relax

preen my feathers -

continue to emerald algae dig

whilst my frog brothers bellow their bass                   tune

for now, you are mine


my only ever



stoic under pressure

unruffled even in my temperament of chaos


you have not flown -

alas, i must keep going

i hunt for the robust silty treasures

hoping to share my bounty


it is enough you call, we’ve got enough

i spot a shimmer


dunk gracefully

navy crisp refreshment envelopes me


i am no longer aching with lack


because   —————


you love me.


your confidence contagious


your care overwhelms

                          my tenderbirdheart


swallowing whole my insecurities.

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