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Details for member artists making art inspired by one of these poems:

Another opportunity for FAC members:

Call for Art that Interprets Poems in the FAC Poet Mashup!



We are delighted that twenty-nine poems have been created and submitted for this exhibit!  

We are looking for at least 29 artworks to go with the poems.  If more than one person chooses to create an art piece to go with the same poem, that's okay!  But we would like at least one artwork for each poem.


On May 11, 2024 the Fenton Arts Council will hold our big, Big, BIG event of the year:   the "Spring Expressions Arts Festival 2024".  There will be a PreGlow the previous evening, to honor our patrons and members.   You will have a chance to meet each other as you view the exhibit and enjoy the evening.  The Poet Mashup will be on exhibit at the Fenton Community and Cultural Center, downtown Fenton, during the Pre-Glow" May 10 and the all-day Festival May 11.


Each poem will be exhibited with the artwork(s) that was inspired by that poem.


Artworks can be in any media:  Visual art, Dance, Music, etc.  Musical and dance creations are to be performed live during the Pre-Glow.  Additionally, these performances are to be recorded before April 20, 2024, so a QR code to view the recordings can be part of the exhibit.


Claim the chance to make art that is an interpretation of your favorite of the submitted poems - first respondents, first served.

Click here to read the poems  

Then send us your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices of poems you would like to make an interpretation of, with visual art, music, dance or another medium.  Fenton Arts Councils reserves the right to approve all submissions and to not accept art that is inappropriate for this exhibit.


The webpage (above) will have notations on the claimed poems.  Once each poem has someone working on an art piece for it, we can add second and third interpretations by those who want to do more.  The notations will be updated several times each day.

Deadline to submit your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choices is February 29, 2024.  

Deadline to send digital images of your finished visual interpretation, or links to recording of performance art as interpretation, is April 20th, 2024, at midnight. 


More details to come on drop-off, etc.  But send us your choices asap, to have the best chance of being paired with your favorite poem.


Thank you for participating.  This is going to be a fantastic inaugural Fenton Arts Council Poet Mashup!!  

Please send any questions to:


If you are not a current member, you can sign up here for only $20/year.

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