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Mark Nelson

Fathers Dream


Good morning, Earth.
Rise and Shine, Daylight in the Swamp
Head out to the wood pile and give it a chomp.

We’re all in the cabin, the river so near.  
Grandpa’s cigar, the air was so clear.
It’s time to throw darts, who’s turn to wash dishes?
When we are done, will tie flies for the fishes.

The Streams cold and flowing, so bright and so sunny.
The Browns so gold with specks sweet as honey.
The AuSable awaits me, can’t wait to wade in.
The fly just submerged, hooked one once again.
Some have drivers,
Some have tees, putters, wedges, and more.
Some hit the fairway, the rough, even the door.
Some even me (whoops) occasionally yell Fore!!

Am I hearing the Sax?
No doubt the best sound.
Maybe the old phone the girls dialed around.
It’s Mitzie our girl impersonating the hound.

The Fall is here with colors aglow.
The hunters are near, will need a good bow.
The whitetails are moving, will certainly stay low.
The camera is ready, this is the best that I know.

For those who have children be sure to be there.
Each one of them different, but all the same, it’s not rare.
Days fast and furious,
Each one a new scare.

Kids let’s all gather, it’s time to be kind.
Lay the table for 7,
Keep the neighbors in mind.
Chevy is close - the driveway will find.

If you wander the backyards & fields of the land
You might see a ball flying toward a glove in the hand.
I’ll be there for catch son, no doubt it’s the plan.
God knows time is precious and he knows it’s so GRAND.


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