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Hannah Jo


You are a stream of consciousness~

a river that flows so beautifully through my mind.

I offer you this vessel of mine, in which bestows my heart.

Your words are spoken in an abstract form, but I listen and I'm delicately fluent in your art.

"Rendition of Aphrodite"

a big open field full of wildflowers and long grass.

nothing could startle me in this moment.

I could stay here forever and just let the time pass.

i can't think of a better way to end my day, than to end it with the thought of you.

hard to fathom or understand how much beauty nature holds and how much i've yet to view.

the sight of moss, rivers -- and trees so tall and mighty.

i never want to exit mother nature's rendition of aphrodite.


"I Am the Flower"


Everybody has their quirks.

Their similarities and their differences.

Some flowers have thorns and some with vibrant colors.

Some are considered more astonishing than others.

There are different types, and variations.

Each one containing a different foundation.

Strong or helpless.

The sweet smell that will draw you in, or be completely scentless.

Each facing different challenges torn and bruised.

Flowers are similar to people in the way of being used.

The weather can change in an instant.

The Sun can stay, or it can decide to be so cold and distant.

And a flower can be fragile, but continues to fight.

Because that flower has faith that one day someday soon, it will once again feel the warmth of the bright light.

I am the flower, and I am deciding to stay.

I am the flower, and I will not walk away.

I will grow and be beautiful, and I will learn from my past.

I will take care of my fragile heart that is made of glass.

I will put myself first and remember that I'm stronger.

Stronger than the thoughts, I will not let my head ponder.

My seeds were planted for a reason.

I will continue to flourish through every season.

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