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Matthew Nigro

___ Children at Play (lyrics)


We are the contents

To the ingredients

We are a formula

To a formula

We are just children

Children at play


We will take you

Past the zones

To infinite

- That’s where we’ll take you -


Colored cockatoos

Freaked out fun

Past the limit

- That’s where we’ll take you -

___ Blind Twilight (lyrics)


Sun below the horizon

Light from the sky

Reaching out to no-one

Yet turning the heads of everyone


Blind without sight

Hurt but not yet healed

May they be twilight

Helped by everyone without yield 

___ A Cure (lyrics)


The sun is bright

In the sky of blue

The clouds are white

And move on through

As I think of you

As I think of you


Your hair is light

Floats in the air

Your face is night

With eyes star-bright

With eyes star-bright


When you come around for a cure

To all the stress you endure

I do the same as you

A friendly tone allure 


The sun goes down

Day turns to night

With you on the town

The twilight’s a sight

The twilights a sight

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