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Daniel Borck

"Cards of Fortune"


You can read your cards of fortune,

Interpret how you will.

They may give a sense of darkness,

Or a welcome thrill.

No matter what the future holds,

It is your life to live.

Don't let it change who you are,

You have so much to give.

For who you are is your choice alone,

This can't be taken away.

Whether chance or fate or destiny,

May you never go astray.

"Corner Café"

Vibrant colors pulse on the walls to the beat of collective hearts.

The air ripples to the rhythm of steel drums paying homage to a land far away.

Travellers wander in from the busy road on which life connects us all.

A refuge from the weariness that seems inescapable.

A haven where you can be anyone you want to be.

Laughter and conversation fill the soul to the brim, washing away layers of false identity thrust upon us by the rules we did not agree to.

Senses explode with delight at the rush of smells and tastes that provide a comfort you no longer thought could move you.

Too soon it is over.

You know you must leave and continue on the road, but with a deep breath you take one last look and smile.

Thinking forward to your next visit to the corner café.




A feeling throughout your whole being.

Pulsating in every nerve ending every cell.
You feel it in your head,

with every firing neuron springing to life.

It is the ache of your joints, your bones, your soul as your body longs to express its inborn creativity.

Kept captive by a force nearly invisible but strong. 

Strong enough to hold you back, heavy enough to pull you towards the abyss.

Your own prison, locked far away.

Could it be that you are the only one with the key?

Maybe you imagine it,

this knowledge, creativity, greatness.

Just a ghost in the machine.

It can't be, it has to be real.

You have to reach it, fulfill it, become it.


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