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Kelly Sharkey


Flying high and flying low,
In and out of nature’s wind flows.

Always found in flowering land's,
Except Antarctica do they span.

Long antennas and quick clear wings,
That when in use, create a buzzing sing.

Bodies of contrasting yellow and black,
Two compound eyes, six legs and two pollen sacks.

Piddle patting of tiny feet,
As pollen is collected for their hive so sweet.

A little life in a humongous world,
Dancing on petals, some uncurled.

From bloom to bloom do they fly,
Over a realm of beautiful colors, against bluest skies.

Buzzing here and buzzing there,
Joined by their communities, flying everywhere.

Working daily, contributing to a brighter life,
These tiny insects fulfill a lot of might.

Proving true to those who gaze in awe,
That tiny things can indeed stand tall.

And the smallest contributions can help in the biggest ways,
And a community together can truly amaze.

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