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Vicky Yinger

Awake my child


Awake my child

Shake off the snowy blanket 

That binds your soul

The season of rest and 

reflection has passed.


Arise my child.

Feel the soft breeze upon your cheek

Softly whispering a promise 

Of new beginning 

Of hope budding 


Go forth my child

seize the new season

Embrace it 

Mold it 

Tame it 

Springs Dance

Slumbering eyes flicker as the sun’s warmth touches them
Daring them to join in the seductive dance of new life

The heart begins to flutter as it moves in sync to the new hymn
The temp shifting from a slow soft tune to a wild untamed shout
The earth shakes beneath the dancers' rhythmic steps.
One by one life emerges to join the celebration-
Voices blending as they breathe life into the new song

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